How to Prepare a Home For a Safe Showing

If the property you are showing is your listing, spending a little time introducing yourself to the neighbors and checking out the neighborhood is an excellent strategy for getting additional business, however it is also and extremely valuable safety strategy.


While introducing yourself to the neighbors take the time to find out the following information:

  • Is there a neighborhood watch? How active is it?
  • Are there any law enforcement officers living on the block?
  • Is it an active neighborhood? Do the neighbors know and socialize with one another?

This is all important information that you could use in an initial conversation to not only impress a prospect, but also deter am possible predator or opportunistic thief.


Additionally, look for any abandoned houses in the immediate area. Even if the house you are showing is not abandoned, neighborhoods with abandoned houses may be more attractive to someone intending to commit a crime.


Predators Vs. Thieves

Motive is an essential part of any crime. Most crimes committed against Real Estate agents have one of two motives: Profit and Power.


How Predators Work

Typically an agent that has been a victim of a crime has been targeted by the criminal who committed the crime.  Having a basic understanding of behavioral patterns will help you to make calm reasoned decisions should you ever find yourself in the midst of a crime.

Violent Predators
• Very Rare
• Very Dangerous
• Typically commit violent crimes such as rape or murder
• All crimes are premeditated
• Typical Motive is Power


• Theft or kidnapping for ransom is how they earn a living or fund an addiction
• Much more common than Violent Predators
• Typically non-violent unless resisted
• Typically commit theft, either from agent or items at property
• Will likely target the property, will target an agent if profitable
• Crimes are almost always premeditated


• Uncommon in crimes against agents
• Almost always a crime of property, usually theft of item in home
• Did not come to the appointment with the intent to steal
• A low risk, high reward opportunity may trigger the theft


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