Supra E-Key Services – Know the Facts
By Lisa Yelichek, CEO
June 22, 2020


I have been noticing an increased amount of rumbling regarding the Supra E-Key service and I thought I would share the facts with everyone, so we are all on the same page.  I hope this will be of some help to you.

Back in November of 2018, all the Principal Brokers received a letter from R.S. (Tre’) Giller, President of the Ohio Real Estate Commission and Anne Petit, Superintendent of the Ohio Division of Real Estate.  Within that letter, it was expressed strongly that agents be educated on “the absolute prohibition against providing lockbox codes, keys, key pad codes and any other means of access to a listed property to an individual who is not an active real estate licensee.”  Time and time again, potential buyers and inspectors are gaining access to a home and/or are being left in the property without a licensee present for whatever reason they have.  None of their defenses are a legitimate reason for violating the security and sanctity of an owner’s property – no matter what type of property it is or where in the transaction process the parties are.  Providing keys, codes or other means of access and/or permitting an unlicensed individual unsupervised access to a listing is a violation of Ohio license law and will likely result in disciplinary action including a suspension of the licensee’s license, a fine and education.

Realtor® members were reminded of this (in an article from Ohio Realtors® legal counsel, Peg Ritenour in April 2019) as well as warned that a seller’s written, informed consent is necessary for buyers, inspectors, appraisers, contractors, etc. to access the seller’s property without a real estate licensee present.  THIS is key regarding the member’s use of the Supra system and its one-time showing service.

This brings us to the Supra service.  This service was recently placed under the umbrella of Yes-MLS, Inc.  With the reasons listed above and the fact that inspectors are not members of Yes-MLS; they do not have the ability to utilize the Supra service in having their own key.  The only reason any inspector would need to have access to utilize the Supra lockboxes is when the agent will not be present at the property.  And the only legal way they cannot worry about being present at the property is with that written authorization from the seller stating such consent.

If there is consent, it is very simple to grant any inspector a one-time showing code.  This code (which can last from 2-72 hours – perfect for the inspector who is doing a radon test and needs to return to the property to pick up the testing equipment).  There is a 7-minute video that explains in detail how you can set this up for your inspectors.  It is not a long video and will go such a long way for your understanding at how easy this is to use.  It even shows you how to turn on the setting so you can give access code from your smartphone!

Regarding your fellow agents within the Yes-MLS jurisdiction…there is absolutely no reason a member should not have this service at their fingertips.  It is a part of your Yes-MLS dues and only takes moments to set up by simply clicking this link or contacting them at 216-485-4100.  They are virtual appointments.  You do not have to leave your living room or office!

I hope this helps you understand what you must do as a law-abiding agent and the ease with which you can do your business regarding this aspect of the transaction.  I hope you continue to have a great selling summer!


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