The Ohio Senate is considering changing a law that would significantly increase taxes on small business owners.  Your Ohio Senator needs to hear from you that we oppose increasing taxes on small businesses.

Act Now to PROTECT your business

Originally proposed by the Ohio House of Representatives, the Senate is now considering the budget bill which includes a sharp tax increase on pass-through entities earning more than $100,000 of business income.  This means all REALTORS who are sole proprietors and generate more than $100,000 in business income will see their taxes go up – harming thousands of Ohio REALTORS.

Act Now to OPPOSE tax increases on Ohio REALTORS®

REALTORS® use this tax savings to purchase signs, marketing and advertising materials, hire staff, pay for gas and car maintenance, and other important job-creating, tax-generating activities.  If the Ohio Senate agrees with the change passed in the Ohio House, investing in your business will be more difficult.

Act Now to PROTECT the ability to invest in your business  

The Ohio REALTORS strongly opposes this change and is seeking a full reinstatement of the current tax language.

Act Now to make the Ohio REALTOR® voice heard

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