By Rich Cosgrove, President Stark County Association of REALTORS®

As the leaves begin to change color and fall from the trees you may be thinking about all the yardwork that comes with it, however, have you considered cleaning your gutters? Maintaining free flowing gutters and downspouts help protect your home from unwanted water intrusion. Prospective buyers look for a neat and well-maintained exterior. Afterall, a well-maintained exterior is usually an indication that the interior will be well maintained. Cleaning your gutters should be part of your exterior maintenance.

Gutters are a vital piece of your property that, when left unkempt, can cause a plethora of issues that could make a large impact on your pocketbook. No matter if you’re thinking of selling your home now, chances are you will in the future and maintaining your gutters now can save you a lot of headaches later. Autumn not only is the season in which the weather turns colder, but it is also notoriously rainy. When your gutters become clogged with leaves, sticks and other debris, you face the potential of roof leaks, water damaged siding, and water intrusion in the basement to name a few issues. Long term effects of water intrusion or moisture can cause structural damage to a property.

Repairing these issues can not only make the process of selling your home more complicated, you may see less of a return on your investment than you had hoped for. Water damage is just one of the many items people look for when viewing properties. It may not always be visible when viewing a home, however, it will be found during the home inspection process. Prospective buyers look for a property that has minimal damage and minimal repairs.

Maintaining your gutters is something you can either do yourself or you may choose to hire a professional. Depending on the number of trees you have around your property, you may have to clean them more than once a year. Hiring a professional is the best if you do not have proper safety equipment, or if you simply feel uncomfortable being on a ladder or your roof. While cleaning your gutters yourself may save you money, you may want to think twice as your safety is well worth the few hundred dollars you’ll spend and save yourself from injury.

You can always count on your REALTOR® to remind you to keep your exterior as maintained as the interior. If you need help finding someone to clean your gutters, ask your REALTOR®. Most agents have a list of trusted contractors and inspectors to help maintain a home.


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